Village Development Program

Garden Of Life has identified this program and will be initiating developmental activities to transform the village into model village


Model village project has the following important objectives:

  • Prevent distress migration from rural to urban areas, which is a common phenomenon in India’s villages due to lack of opportunities and facilities in rural areas. People need and always strive for a decent standard of living for their families. Once they are guaranteed of such a living, no one would ever migrate to the glamorous urban cities for living.
  • Make the model village a “GOL center” that could attract resources for the development of other villages in its vicinity.
  • Provide easier, faster and cheaper access to markets for agricultural produce or other marketable commodities produced in such villages.
  • Contribute towards social empowerment by engaging all sections of the community in the task of village development.
  • Create and sustain a culture of cooperative living for inclusive and rapid development.
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