What We Do

Empowering Vulnerable Communities
for Equality and Progress

Village Development Program

Garden Of Life (APBCWSDYW Society) has identified this program and will be doing activities to transform the village into model village. Create a culture of cooperative living for rapid development.

Improving literacy with EGRA

Garden Of Life (APBCWSDYW Society) places education at the heart of development, using it as a key to breaking the poverty cycle, and improving health, nutrition, income and opportunities for all Children.

Gender equality
Women and Gender Equality

Garden of Life (APBCWSDYW Society) strives to reduce inequalities and empower those in extreme poverty. Our primary focus is on gender equality, a major barrier to eradicating poverty worldwide.

Empowering Grass Roots

We the Garden of Life (APBCWSDYW Society) has taken up Empowering Grass Roots projects in which we empower grass root NGOs play major role from relief services to educational initiative, engaging directly with people.

Support Us

Help Lots of People by Donating a Little Bit from Your Money

Make a Big Impact with Small Donations – Help Numerous People by Contributing a Little from Your Finances.

Charity Donation

You can make quick donations to those in need
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