Mission & Vision


1, To run a orphanage homes to create a real and loving homes for all ages . 2, To educate children for the future. 3, To bring western methodology and experience on a variety of education and health matters to the children and old aged. 4, To focus on improving life for the poorest and the most marginalized members of India, especially tribal’s and poor. 5, To give orphaned and vulnerable children and all of India a voice. .


Work as a catalyst in bringing sustainable change in the lives of Underprivileged Children,Old aged , Youth and Women with a life-cycle approach of development.

Enable the Civil Society across the region to engage proactively in the change process through the philosophy of civic driven change.

To ensure that children in villages and towns are protected from all forms of abuse and neglect. To work towards influencing policies that would help children and women to enjoy their privileges and rights.� To build a strong community in coastal districts that is ready to face any future disaster.� To ensure that all the children in school going age are in schools, where children enjoy in a joyful learning environment.� To be able to reach out to all the people and families who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.