Garden Of Life India


We are enabling those in extreme poverty to forge a way out through secure livelihoods.

  • Comprehensive targeting: making sure extreme poor households are identified as programme participants.
  • Income support: Helping programme participants meet their basic needs as they invest in livelihood development activities.
  • Technical and business skills training: enhancing human capital and facilitating income generation through small businesses or by aiding access to employment.
  • Coaching and mentoring: supporting participants to make plans to meet their goals, encouraging certain behavioural changes and offering guidance on how to address specific problems they faced.
  • Facilitating access to financial services and promoting saving: to help extremely poor people manage risk, build resilience to lifecycle shocks and stresses, and reduce the likelihood of having to resort to negative coping strategies.
  • Capital/asset transfer: to help and establish new, or expand existing, economic activities. Most commonly this is used for establishing/expanding a small business but it can feasibly be used to support access to employment.
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