How transparent are we

How transparent is Garden Of Life?

Garden Of Life is committed to being as transparent as possible. It’s important that people understand how we work and how the money we receive is spent.

Garden Of Life is a non-governmental, international, humanitarian organisation. Our mission is to help people living in extreme poverty in India to transform their lives. We aim to achieve major improvements in their lives which last and spread without ongoing support from Garden Of Life. We do this by spending 90.8% of your donations on our village programmes.

Sources of income

Garden Of Life generates income from a variety of sources. They come in the form of donations, and voluntary donations.

Our partners

Garden Of Life recognizes that in order to fight poverty we cannot work on our own. We work closely with effective partner agencies in many of the states in which we work.

Learn more about institutional donors.

Garden Of Life continues to enjoy the financial support of staff from organisations, who contribute through salary deduction .

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